Archon India

Data Cleansing and Enrichment Services

The efficacy of your business decisions largely hinges on the quality of data you are analyzing. No matter how big is your database, it won’t add value to your business unless it is up-to-date and free from any redundant information. If your marketing campaigns fail to yield results or the volume of returned mails is increasing by the day, it’s high time you got your data cleansed and enriched by an agency proficient in these services. We holds adequate experience in data cleansing and enrichment services. With our in-depth knowledge of the latest data cleansing techniques and years of experience, we can clean, de-duplicate, standardize, normalize, verify and validate data of any size.

Our data cleansing professionals, manually check the records, clean and update them at regular intervals, regardless of the volume and complexity of the project. With hands on experience of catering to diverse industry verticals including retail, insurance, banking, marketing, transportation and telecommunication, our data enrichment professionals are capable of delivering customized services. Our data cleansing process fixes invalid email addresses, dialing codes, zip codes, postal addresses, etc., to boost marketing efforts and ROI.

  • Filter records : The aim of our data cleansing services is to enable you to effectively manage your data and communicate seamlessly with your prospects. To achieve this goal our data cleansing professionals manually check your customer records and remove obsolete data.
  • Remove typos, spelling errors : To ensure that your data is up to date and error-free, our professionals manually correct grammatical, typographical and punctuation errors. They follow industry best practices and our stringent quality guidelines to make sure that your data is flawless.
  • Complete missing entries : With their eye for detail and experience of delivering quality data cleansing services to a world wide clientele, our professionals fix all sorts of missing records in your data. Whether it is adding missing postal codes, dialing codes or emails we can do it all for you with accuracy and speed.
  • Cleanse mailing lists : As a provider of quality data cleansing services we do understand the significance of relevant mailing lists. To help you tap your target audience we cleanse the irrelevant information from your mailing lists and keep them up to date.
  • Normalize database / Standardize database : A normalized database is not only easier to manage, but also makes the desired information readily available. Our professionals can normalize and re-format your data within a quick turnaround time and thus make you the master of your database.
  • Verify and Validate Data : To make sure that your data is clean and consistent throughout the enterprise, our professionals standardize all the attributes of the database. With this, you can access all the relevant information at the click of a button.
  • De-duplicate entries : We do understand that duplicate entries are the bane of any database. They not only make management of data complex, but also eat into your storage space. Our de-duplication experts can remove all the duplicate entries from your database to make it an agile source of accurate information.