Archon India

Data Extraction Services

We offers a wide range of data extraction services that include accurate analysis and timely reporting from a variety of sources such as databases, documents, images, and websites, etc. Our data extraction experts can devise solutions tailored to match your business needs. We can help you extract data from your customer databases to explore demographic characteristics and behavior of customers. We are skilled at extracting data from variegated sources and classifying them based on a defined set of criteria. We can also publish your data in different formats simultaneously.

Web Data Extraction

  • Extracting data from primary and secondary web sources with regard to competitors, consumers and prospects, market trends, etc.
  • Mining meta-data information from websites
  • Assembling, organizing and encapsulating all relevant information about your business by mining online news and PR websites

Database Extraction :

  • Extracting data from databases by means of database queries
  • Conducting competitor price tracking and data research
  • Culling out vital data through various databases and database formats
  • Extracting data from social networking sites, blogs and forums to recapitulate user/customer views and reviews