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We help you create attractive, responsive, interactive and user friendly website as per your requirement and using latest development technologies.
We provide High Quality, Cost Effective and Customized Software as per your needs and requirement using Microsoft .Net Technology. We have developed Hospital Management System, School Management Software, Retail Store Software, Inventory Management etc
We have highly talented designer who can create attractive and informative designs. We have created many logos, letterhead, banners, brochure, Vector Images etc exactly as per customer needs and requirement

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I have happened to have my Social Website www.LaoJee.com made by Archon India. This Website has been completed within the stipulated time with excellent results. Graphic and Content work is just excellent and our members appreciate it very much. This Website has been made in PHP5 using other tools and Flash etc. Their work is full with business ethics and timely completion is their moto with satisfaction of client. I fully reccomenend them to any ensuing client who are looking for a masterly hand to develop their website. Finally I thank you Archon India for a job WELL DONE.
Dr. Saleem Siddiqui

Dr. Saleem Siddiqui

CEO, LaoJee.com

I am associated with ARCHON since many years. Many websites and Software designed and developed by them exactly as per the requirement and within time constraint. I fully recommend ARCHON for any of your web based OR desktop based applications.
Mr Ilyas Qadri

Mr Ilyas Qadri

IT Consultant, UK

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Selina Roy

Selina Roy


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